Career Preference Audit

Questions raised by professionals – easy answer by yourself.


– aims to provide individuals with valuable insights and guidance in making informed decisions about their career paths and pursuing opportunities that align with their interests, strengths, and aspirations.

What it is for?

✔ Discover their career preferences and interests.,

✔ Identify suitable career options.

✔ Align preferences with potential career paths.,

✔ Make informed decisions about their career,

✔ Matching individuals’ skills with job opportunities,

✔ Pursue paths that bring fulfillment and success..

Start finding dream job.

Career Preference Audit.
10 analysis sectors, over 100 proven quality questions.

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How to make this audit?

Often, people stack in their life, or loose direction. Usually it happens after a difficult life situation like after divorce, or job loss, bad work environment, health problems, relationship problems, mental problems including addictions or death of close relatives, parents, partner, or children.

People solve these situations by visit of psychologists, searching answers in internet and social networks, or use coaching services. Similar it is with our audit with three differences. You do your life audit by yourself, it is super-confidential, and it is completely free.

Just click on the download button, open the file, make your own copy and you can start. So easy it is. By answering questions you can notice important aspects of your life, find and think about problems and reveal ideas to re-build your further plans for fruitful “new life.”

Career preference test categories

Analytical, Curious, Detail-oriented, Reflective. An individual’s inclination towards pursuing careers or roles that are centered around education, research, or scholarly pursuits. This category focuses on assessing a person’s interest in academic environments, their affinity for learning, and their desire to engage in intellectual pursuits.
Organized, Detail-oriented, Reliable, Proactive. An individual’s suitability for roles that involve administrative tasks, organization, and managerial responsibilities. This category focuses on understanding a person’s aptitude for planning, coordinating, and overseeing operations within an organization or team.
Innovative, Risk-taker, Self-motivated, Resilient. An individual’s characteristics, traits, and tendencies related to entrepreneurial endeavors and the pursuit of starting and managing their own business or ventures. This category focuses on understanding a person’s entrepreneurial mindset, risk-taking propensity, and their aptitude for innovation and business development.
Logical, Detail-oriented, Objective, Critical thinker. An individual’s skills, aptitude, and preferences related to data analysis, problem-solving, and decision-making based on quantitative information. This category focuses on understanding a person’s ability to analyze data, draw insights, and make informed judgments based on statistical and analytical methods.
Detail-oriented, Analytical, Systematic, Innovative. An assessment of an individual’s aptitude, skills, and preferences related to engineering disciplines and mechanical systems. This category focuses on understanding a person’s technical abilities, problem-solving skills, and their interest in working with machinery, structures, or other mechanical components.
Analytical, Detail-oriented, Adaptable, Persistent. An assessment of an individual’s skills, interests, and preferences related to the field of information technology (IT). This category focuses on understanding a person’s aptitude for working with technology, their problem-solving abilities, and their interest in computer systems and software.
Persuasive, Outgoing, Creative, Goal-oriented. An individual’s skills, characteristics, and preferences related to marketing and sales functions. This category focuses on understanding a person’s abilities in promoting products or services, understanding consumer behavior, and driving business growth through effective marketing and sales strategies.
Empathetic, Patient, Attentive, Supportive. An individual’s skills, characteristics, and preferences related to working with people and providing services in various contexts. This category focuses on understanding a person’s interpersonal skills, customer service orientation, and their ability to work effectively in roles that involve serving others.
Expressive, Imaginative, Passionate, Creative. An individual’s skills, interests, and preferences related to artistic expression and creative pursuits. This category focuses on understanding a person’s artistic abilities, imagination, and their inclination towards activities such as visual arts, performing arts, or creative writing.
Motivated, Compassionate, Knowledgeable, Dedicated. An individual’s interests, preferences, and suitability for careers or activities related to fitness, wellness, and healthcare. This category focuses on understanding a person’s inclination towards physical fitness, their interest in healthcare-related roles, and their overall approach to maintaining personal health and well-being.
Ethical, Honest, Responsible, Resilient. An individual’s moral and ethical qualities, personal values, and integrity. This category focuses on understanding a person’s behavior, decision-making processes, and how they interact with others based on their character traits.

Long story short

Everyone of us need from time to time to sit down and review one’s life. Whether you lost the direction in difficult life situation, or you burned out in work, or you are just interested in which stage of life you are right now.

The scope is the same for all people, including Academic, Administrative, Entrepreneurship, Analytics, Engineering, Mechanics, Information Technology, Marketing, Sales, People, Services, Artistics, Fitness, Sport, Character & Health.