Executive Process Audit

Questions raised by professionals – easy answer by yourself.


– the purpose of an executive processes and board audit is to ensure that the leadership and governance structures of a company operating effectively and in the best interests of the company and its stakeholders.

What it is for?

✔ Validate management alignment with the strategy,

✔ Assess internal controls, detect and prevent fraud,

✔ Ensure compliance with laws and regulations,

✔ Verify the accuracy of financial records,

✔ Provide transparency to stakeholders,

✔ Identify opportunities for business improvement.


Audit of executive management and board processes.
8 analysis sectors, over 100 proven quality questions.

Our audit platform gives you the best experience of using audit forms. Meantime, you can also enjoy the Google Sheets format. Click the link and immediately start. You’ll get results online, as well you’ll be asked for an e-mail and get link to return to report. Enjoy!

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How to make this audit?

Take our Information Executive Management Audit Test to assess the effectiveness of your leadership and governance structures. Ensure that your executive board and management processes are aligned with the best interests of your company and stakeholders. By understanding the 12 opportunities for improvement and gaining insights from the draft assessment report, you can enhance continuity, streamline processes, and drive continuous improvement. Don’t miss this chance to optimize your organizational structure, automate workflows, and increase efficiency in planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Empower your executive committee with the knowledge to improve business performance through effective business process management.

You do the audit by yourself and it is completely for free. Just click on the download button, open the file, make your own copy and you can start. 

Questions used in audit.

My name is Laco Vencel, since 2013 I am the founder and led companies for management consulting. This includes managing strategy and execution, public relations, finance, policies, governance, development, and setup of controlling mechanisms above the overall company operations.

Before opening my own business I did project management and executive management jobs in big-size international companies, managing teams and departments of 100+ employees in more than 10 countries.

A significant part of the audit questionnaires I have collected by myself from many corporate audits I have passed before, from my colleagues in the past, and from assessing other companies that bought our custom audit services.

The practice shows that the best option is to have described processes for almost everything, then regularly review adherence by raising the same questions in a defined period of time. This enables the management of process quality and applies improvement changes in cycles.

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Our audits have a really high value for our business, so I believe that it can help to almost every entrepreneur.


Completely free.

Answer questions by rate from 0-10, be fair to yourself. Think about strengths and weaknesses and based on the results create action plan to fix problems important for you.

Unveiling Success with the ‘Executive Management Audit

In the realm of corporate success, effective leadership and governance are the cornerstones upon which every thriving company is built. Introducing the transformative “Executive Management Audit,” a comprehensive tool designed to ensure that the executive processes and board operations are not only efficient but also aligned with the company’s overarching goals and stakeholders’ interests.

Navigating Corporate Excellence: The ‘Executive Management Audit’

Much like a ship’s captain ensures the vessel’s course to success, an management information systems team steers the corporate ship towards new horizons. The “Executive Management Audit” serves as a compass, helping company leaders navigate the intricate landscape of organizational processes, workflow management, and leadership functions.

Enhancing Leadership Excellence

Managers perform a pivotal role in ensuring that the company’s management information systems is finely tuned and optimized for success. The audit delves into the intricacies of how managers perform, identifying areas for improvement in processes and management systems. By pinpointing areas for enhancement, the audit empowers leaders to shape a more efficient and productive working environment.

Aligning with Corporate Objectives

At the heart of every thriving company is a set of defined goals. The “Executive Management Audit” functions as a bridge between executive decisions and the company’s objectives. It ensures that each management process is closely aligned with the overarching goals, contributing to the achievement of key milestones and successful outcomes.

Charting a Path to Success

Just as a career path for an executive offers opportunities for growth and advancement, the “Executive Management Audit” provides a roadmap to success. It uncovers your 12 opportunities for enhancing workflow management, fine-tuning processes, and fostering leadership growth within the executive board. It serves as a blueprint for continuous improvement and positive transformation.

A Symphony of Continuity

The symphony of a well-functioning company resonates through its continuity and smooth operations. The “Executive Management Audit” serves as a conductor, ensuring that every process seamlessly flows into the next, creating an environment of cohesiveness and synchronized efforts.

Elevating Organizational Efficiency

In the world of corporate management, efficiency is key. The audit delves deep into the nuances of workflow management, process efficiency, and executive decisions. It provides insights into areas where improvements can be made, fostering a culture of streamlined operations and optimum resource utilization.

Empowering Leadership Decisions

The audit culminates in the creation of a draft assessment report. This comprehensive report not only outlines the current state of executive management but also provides strategic recommendations for enhancing leadership functions and achieving organizational excellence. It empowers leaders to make informed decisions that drive positive change.

Seizing the Future

The “Executive Management Audit” is more than just a tool – it’s a path to organizational growth and prosperity. By engaging with the audit, executive leaders can pave the way for a future where efficiency, alignment, and continuity define success. Don’t wait to unlock the potential of your leadership and governance structures – embark on the journey of excellence with the “Executive Management Audit” and set your company on the course to unprecedented success.

What does the audit form gives to me? 

Consider uncovering hidden procedures or unfamiliar questions that arise outside your daily work routine. Decide whether to independently address identified issues or seek consultancy with us – the choice is yours.
Explore the expertise of business analysts, streamline employee onboarding, and unlock the benefits of business process automation. Assess your board of directors and organizational structure, optimizing planning, organizing, leading, and controlling functions. Embrace continuous improvement and enhance efficiency by automating processes, workflows, and goal setting. Elevate your managerial functions with effective business process management (BPM) and drive business improvement.

Questions examples:




Are board members formally oriented to the mission as well as the programs and activities of the organization?
Are board members educated about programs and activities of the organization both in orientation as well as periodically throughout the year so that they are able to make informed decisions based on current activities and emerging challenges facing the organization?
Does the board maintain contemporaneous records (minutes) of meetings and keep the records indefinitely in an easy-to-access location for ready reference? Do the board meeting minutes document the decisions made, highlighting the major points of fiscal or strategic import, but not detailing the discussion?
Are proper books and records kept of all transactions?
Do the accounts comply with requirements for external scrutiny?
Are accounts formally approved at an annual meeting?
Are annual budgets prepared and approved to cover both income and expenditure?
Is performance measured against budgets at regular intervals?
Do the professional development of company includes building strong relationships with banker(s), creditor(s) and other important financial professionals in community and industry?
Does legal counsel review all contracts, orders, and license and service agreements?
Do you always use a standard, verified contract?
Do you limit your liability in all contracts to avoid consequential loss, punitive damages, stipulated damages or liquidated damages?
Are cash payments avoided wherever possible?
Is a plan held showing organizational structure to employees and there is regular update of org. structure presented to employees?
Company policies, record-keeping and employee training allow the business to continue operation without interruption regardless of illness, vacation or other absence.
Are you constantly looking for opportunities to expand or diversify your business, or are you focusing on improving what you already have?
Do you have an analysis of the competition and of the industry in general, to make sure that your strategy adapts to changes in the market?
Are you taking current and future market trends into account to guide your strategic decisions?
Do you have organized your research department?
Do you regularly revew report about the R&D progress?
Do you have a strategic research and development plan for the future of your company/business?
Are you using the most updated and effective tools and technologies to improve the productivity of your company/business?
Do you have project tracking tools that allow you to monitor the progress of your projects and make sure that deadlines and objectives are being met?
Do you use effective collaboration and communication tools to foster collaboration among team members?

Long story short

Every organization, from time to time needs to review its business processes to ensure compliance with the owner’s needs, business efficiency, and risks that enable to identify and address issues in all areas of the company operations.

The scope is the same for all companies and includes processes in areas of executive, projects, change management, research, development, product, marketing, sales, customers, legal, human resources, information technology, assets, accounting, finance, risk, and security.

If you are interested in a guided audit with a specialist and get a detailed report with recommendations for optimizing the company, which will lead to a boost in profits and efficiency, or enable to develop a new strategy for your business, we invite you to:

  • BOOK a personal consultancy and get a customized audit strategy.
  • BROWSE all audits and get an overview of business or personality.
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