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Life Goals And Missions

Scope: Get on track with life goals. Review the current situation, and identify areas of improvement. From career aspirations to personal development. Audit set you on the path to success. 

Duration: 49 min, Questions: 99 Personal

Scope: Information technologies, tools, initiatives, architecture, infrastructure, development, IT, research, design, knowldege base, hardware, software, IT security, data management, R&D. 

Duration: 60 min, Questions: 130 Business

Information Technologies

Business Process Quality

Scope: Fishbone assessment of processes inside any of departments of the company. From the head (CEO) to the lowest level of employees and their work process setup and quality. 

Duration: 55 min, Questions: 110

Scope: Product quality assurance, competition review, competition management, market share control mechanisms, business relationships, partnerships, and business development flows. 

Duration: 56 min, Questions: 112

Product, Market, Competition, Sales

Digital Marketing And Advertising

Scope: Assessment of digital media, PR, advertising and strategy for reaching target audiences by utilizing various channels relations for internal, local and international communication. 

Duration: 49 min, Questions: 99

Scope: Thorough startup business strategy. Evaluate your operations, financial health, marketing strategies, and external factors to know your startup gaps to reach its full potential.

 Duration: 35 min, Questions: 71

Startup Strategy Quality Assessment

Human Resources And Recruitment

Scope: Human Resources & Recruitment involves the org. chart, recruitment, work environment, performance, events, compensation, benefits, training, and internal communication

Duration: 44 min, Questions: 89

Scope: Assessment of C-level management maturity and the company management quality, including signatures, approvals, dashboards, reports, management, strategy, and shareholders. 

Duration: 55 min, Questions: 109

Executive Management Board

Talent Preference Audit

Scope: Evaluate your current talent pool, identify strengths and weaknesses. Known certainly your abilities and preference and do what you like and for what you have natural preference. 

Duration: 105 min, Questions: 214

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