HR & Recruitment Audit

Questions raised by professionals – easy answer by yourself.


– the purpose is to ensure that an organization’s HR and recruitment practices are efficient, effective, and aligned with its overall goals and objectives. It helps organizations identify areas of improvement, mitigate risks, and make informed decisions about their HR and recruitment strategies and practices.

What it is for?

✔ HR policies and procedures,

✔ HR documentation and record-keeping,

✔ Recruitment and selection processes,

✔ Employee relations and engagement,

✔ Performance management processes,

✔ HR strategy and planning.


HR processes audit.
12 analysis sectors, over 80 proven quality questions.

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How to make this audit?

Gain valuable insights into why HR is crucial, the role of HR professionals, and the tasks they perform. Evaluate your human resources management, including talent acquisition and workplace culture, to ensure productive and satisfied employees. Our audit empowers you to make informed decisions, manage your time effectively, and optimize your bottom line. Don’t overlook the importance of HR—take the test today and unlock the potential of your workforce.

You do the audit by yourself and it is completely for free. Just click on the download button, open the file, make your own copy and you can start.

Questions used in audit.

My name is Laco Vencel, since 2013 I am the founder and led companies for management consulting. This includes managing strategy and execution, public relations, finance, policies, governance, development, and setup of controlling mechanisms above the overall company operations.

Before opening my own business I did project management and executive management jobs in big-size international companies, managing teams and departments of 100+ employees in more than 10 countries.

A significant part of the audit questionnaires I have collected by myself from many corporate audits I have passed before, from my colleagues in the past, and from assessing other companies that bought our custom audit services.

The practice shows that the best option is to have described processes for almost everything, then regularly review adherence by raising the same questions in a defined period of time. This enables the management of process quality and applies improvement changes in cycles.

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Our audits have a really high value for our business, so I believe that it can help to almost every entrepreneur.


Completely free.

Answer questions by rate from 0-10, be fair to yourself. Think about strengths and weaknesses and based on the results create action plan to fix problems important for you.

Navigating HR Excellence with an ‘HR & Recruitment Audit’

In the dynamic landscape of today’s organizations, human resources (HR) and recruitment practices are pivotal in shaping the workforce and driving success. The strategic tool that stands at the helm of ensuring HR efficiency and alignment with organizational objectives is the “HR & Recruitment Audit.” This audit goes beyond the surface, diving deep to ensure HR and recruitment practices are efficient, effective, and in harmony with the broader goals.

The Heart of Efficient HR: The ‘HR & Recruitment Audit’

In the heart of every successful organization lies a well-structured HR and recruitment system. The “HR & Recruitment Audit” is the compass that navigates organizations through the intricate world of HR practices. It provides organizations with an all-encompassing view of their HR and recruitment processes, shining a light on areas ripe for improvement.

Informed Decision-Making

The importance of HR cannot be overstated; it’s the backbone of any organization. The “HR & Recruitment Audit” equips organizations with knowledge to make informed decisions about their workforce. Whether it’s understanding why HR is vital, deciphering the role of HR generalists, or optimizing compensation and benefits, this audit empowers organizations to align their HR practices with their overarching objectives.

Efficiency in the Hiring Process

The hiring process can be likened to an orchestra performance; each component must work in harmony for success. The audit ensures that HR practices are efficient in recruiting and retaining top talent. It dissects the hiring process, helping organizations identify areas where improvements can be made. It ensures that HR specialists are equipped to handle the demands of a rapidly evolving workforce.

Strategic HR Management

Effective HR management is not just about hiring; it’s about building a work culture that fosters growth and engagement. The audit delves into the role of HR generalists, ensuring they have the skills and resources to create this culture. It is akin to a strategic partnership, guiding organizations in making HR a driving force in their journey towards success.

Employee-Centric Practices

In a world where employee benefits are key to retention and job satisfaction, the audit ensures that organizations are meeting the needs of their workforce. By assessing compensation and benefits structures, the audit assists organizations in creating packages that not only attract top talent but also keep them engaged and motivated.

Conclusion: Paving the Way for HR Excellence

In the ever-evolving landscape of organizations, HR and recruitment practices play a pivotal role in determining success. The “HR & Recruitment Audit” is the key to unlocking HR excellence. By harnessing its insights, organizations embark on a journey to not only understand their HR and recruitment practices but also to optimize them. Just as a well-oiled HR machine drives an organization forward, this audit offers organizations a strategic edge, empowering them to make informed decisions and rise above the competition. Don’t miss the opportunity to pave the way for HR excellence – unlock your potential with the “HR & Recruitment Audit” today.

What does the audit form gives to me?

Consider the procedures that often go unnoticed in your daily work routine or areas where you lack the experience to address certain questions. Depending on your findings, you can decide to take action independently or seek our consultancy services. It’s all about staying focused on important HR tasks, nurturing a positive workplace culture, and ensuring your employees feel valued and productive. With HR professionals working alongside managers and employees, you can optimize your bottom line, manage your time effectively, and foster a company culture that supports employee satisfaction and well-being. Don’t forget to consider the impact of social media on your HR practices as well.

Questions examples:




Are hours of work established for each role within the organization (including full-time and part-time)?
Do the goals of the Human Resources department align with those of the organization?
Is there open communication to and from the HR department?
Attendance Management
Are full-time and part-time hours defined?
Attendance Management
Are shifts defined?
Attendance Management
Are workweeks identified and defined?
Are employees aware of the details of their benefit plans and incentives?
Are there incentives in place?
Is there an effective leave policy in place?
Are employees paid on time, and is pay free from discrepancies?
Are the appropriate payroll deductions being made?
Are there procedures developed pertaining to paid time off (vacation, stat holidays, etc.)?
Health & Wellness & Safety
Are all employees provided with emergency numbers, human rights commission and labor board information?
Health & Wellness & Safety
Are all employees provided with Health & Safety training?
Health & Wellness & Safety
Are emergency evacuation plans and procedures established?
Are all supervisors and managers trained in all HR policies (discrimination, harassment, health, safety, etc.)
Are HR goals in line with those of the organization?
Is the HR department/manager/leader at the same pay level as other senior executives?
New Employees
Are company policies and procedures applicable to the work environment? Are all policies and procedures communicated and enforced?
New Employees
Are new hires introduced to others employees, including management? Are new hires trained appropriately for their job?
New Employees
Are new hires provided an orientation?
Performance Management
Is there a regular review of customer’s expectation of employee’s quality?
Performance Management
Is the quality and quantity of work evaluated?
Performance Management
Is there a correlation between performance and compensation?
Recordkeeping and Documentation
Are employee files up to date and retained for an appropriate length of time?
Recordkeeping and Documentation
Are records of all training (i.e. Health & Safety) received, maintained and updated?
Recordkeeping and Documentation
Is employee information kept confidential?
Recruitment & Selection
Are all job descriptions up to date?
Recruitment & Selection
Are all new hires reported to the CRA?
Recruitment & Selection
Are applicants required to complete application forms for open positions?
Termination of Employment
Are exit interviews conducted?
Termination of Employment
Do the termination adhere to employment standards with respect to notice, termination pay, etc.?
Termination of Employment
Is the complete employee information and documentation garnered and Is there a a policy in place that enable to use this docuementation in the future?
Training & Development
Are employees evaluated after completion of training programs?
Training & Development
Are employees provided training with new processes and procedures required to complete their job duties?
Training & Development
Are employees provided with opportunities to develop their existing skills?

Long story short

Every organization, from time to time needs to review its business processes to ensure compliance with the owner’s needs, business efficiency, and risks that enable to identify and address issues in all areas of the company operations.

The scope is the same for all companies and includes processes in areas of executive, projects, change management, research, development, product, marketing, sales, customers, legal, human resources, information technology, assets, accounting, finance, risk, and security.

If you are interested in a guided audit with a specialist and get a detailed report with recommendations for optimizing the company, which will lead to a boost in profits and efficiency, or enable to develop a new strategy for your business, we invite you to:

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