Life, Goals and Mission

Questions raised by professionals – easy answer by yourself.

Life, Goals and Mission Audit

– provides individuals with an opportunity to reflect on their purpose, assess you progress towards long-term goals, and align your actions and decisions with values and mission.

What it is for?

✔ Reflecting on personal values,

✔ Assessing long-term goals,

✔ Evaluating current life situation,

✔ Assessing personal growth,

✔ Reflecting on relationships,

✔ Assessing well-being.

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Audit of personal life mission and goals to reach during your life.
10 analysis sectors, over 100 proven quality questions.

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How to make this test?

Often, people stack in their life, or loose direction. Usually it happens after a difficult life situation like after divorce, or job loss, bad work environment, health problems, relationship problems, mental problems including addictions or death of close relatives, parents, partner, or children.

People solve these situations by visit of psychologists, searching answers in internet and social networks, or use coaching services. Similar it is with our audit with three differences. You do your life audit by yourself, it is super-confidential, and it is completely free.

Just click on the download button, open the file, make your own copy and you can start. So easy it is. By answering questions you can notice important aspects of your life, find and think about problems and reveal ideas to re-build your further plans for fruitful “new life.”

Questions used in audit.

My name is Laco Vencel, since  2013 I led companies providing management consulting. Before I did a career in the corporate sphere, starting in a warehouse, succeeded and reached the position of top manager in a large international bank.

However, along the way, I experienced many painful moments that are often found in this field: failures, the endless pursuit of success, later also bankruptcy, family loss, and the loss of my own true self.

During positive/negative waves of my life, I spent a lot of time with work with mental and spiritual research myself and application of models by Jung, Freud, Kant, Descartes, Foucault, Nietzsche, Krishnamurti, Chopra, Castaneda, Zealand, Sadhguru, Tolle.

My story led me to realize the importance of balance and a wise approach to life. My mission on this website is to help people avoid mistakes, make conscious decisions, and find true happiness and fulfillment in their lives.

I know you are going through many struggles and looking for purpose and direction in your life. platform shares valuable tools and knowledge to help YOU better understand yourself, develop your career, and find harmony and happiness.

Let’s explore new horizons together and create the conscious life we deserve. Start the exciting journey to YOUR LIFE today.

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Our crisis is the crisis of consciousness. Our impossibility to feel our core nature and see this nature in every one of us and in all things around us. help you to find this feelings again.


Completely free.

Answer questions by rate from 0-10, be fair to yourself. Think about strengths and weaknesses and based on the results create action plan to fix problems important for you.

Unlocking Life’s Path with the “Life, Goals, and Mission Audit”

In the journey of life, the path is often illuminated by a sense of purpose, the pursuit of meaningful goals, and the alignment of actions with one’s core values. Introducing the transformative “Life, Goals, and Mission Audit,” a comprehensive tool that provides individuals with an invaluable opportunity to navigate their existence with intention, foster growth, and align their journey with their true calling.

Navigating the Road of Life: The ‘Life, Goals, and Mission Audit’

Life is often compared to a highway, each twist and turn an opportunity for exploration and growth. The “Life, Goals, and Mission Audit” acts as a roadmap, helping individuals navigate the terrain of their aspirations, values, and long-term goals. It is designed to empower individuals to conduct a thorough assessment of their life’s direction and purpose.

The Foundation of Family Goals

Just as a highway intersects with multiple paths, the journey of life often intertwines with the aspirations of loved ones. Family goals play a pivotal role in shaping our decisions and actions. The “Life, Goals, and Mission Audit” recognizes the importance of the family unit and provides a platform to set and plan family objectives that align with individual ambitions.

Life Goals: Unveiling the Potential

Life goals act as milestones along the highway of life, propelling us forward with purpose and determination. The audit offers a framework for individuals to set life goals, whether it’s learning a new skill, embarking on a dream vacation, or acquiring that coveted dream car. It enables a structured approach to transform aspirations into actionable goals.

Guiding Light: Mission and Purpose

Every highway needs a guiding light, and that light is a sense of purpose. The “Life, Goals, and Mission Audit” empowers individuals to delve deep into their mission in life, clarifying their unique purpose and contribution to the world. It serves as a beacon that illuminates the path ahead, helping individuals stay true to their mission.

The Art of Smart Goal Setting

Setting a goal is an art, and the audit introduces the concept of SMART goals. These goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. By aligning goals with these principles, individuals can create a roadmap that leads to success and fulfillment.

Crafting a Future of Fulfillment

The “Life, Goals, and Mission Audit” transcends traditional goal-setting approaches by recognizing the interplay between personal resources, family members, and individual aspirations. It prompts individuals to assess their resources and consider how they can contribute to the well-being of their family while pursuing personal ambitions.

Taking the First Step

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Embarking on the “Life, Goals, and Mission Audit” is that first step towards a life enriched with purpose, goals, and alignment with values. It encourages individuals to reflect on their purpose, assess their progress toward long-term goals, and align their actions with their mission.

As the legendary band Rascal Flatts sang, “Life is a highway,” and with the “Life, Goals, and Mission Audit,” individuals have the tools they need to navigate that highway with purpose, direction, and a deep sense of fulfillment. Don’t wait to embark on this transformative journey – start crafting your future today and turn the highway of life into an expedition of purpose and success.

Questions examples:




My earnings are at a level I am 100% happy with.
I have an emergency fund that gives me financial security.
I have no credit card debt / I do not pay interest on any of my debt except my mortgage.
My current business/career gives me success and fulfillment.
My current business/career has a high probability of me achieving my financial goals for the next 6 months
My current business/career path is inline with my long term goals.
I have a community of people who support me.
My communities support me in many different areas of life.
I am proactively adding value to my communities.
My home environment is always clean and tidy.
I decline activities and requests that do not fit with my core values.
I am always looking for new technologies that can improve my environment.
I know exactly how much water my body needs and I drink enough every day.
I am not dependent on caffeine to sustain my energy.
I am conscious of and make positive choices about the food I put in my body.
I acknowledge what I am grateful for every single day without fail.
I have a personal growth roadmap and feel on track.
I review my habits and goals everyday.
I am always creating new experiences and adventure.
I live each day as if it were a gift and precious
I am present in every moment throughout the day.
My social circle is a positive influence in my life.
I spend time with friends at least every week.
I am always thinking about how to increase the success and happiness of my friends and family.
I am open with and communicate my feelings
I appreciate my partner daily and share it with them
We schedule a date night and stick to it at least once/week
I live in alignment with my spiritual beliefs.
I feel a deep connection to my spiritual source.
I meditate and reflect on my life at least 20 minutes per day.

Long story short

Everyone of us need from time to time to sit down and review one’s life. Whether you lost the direction in difficult life situation, or you burned out in work, or you are just interested in which stage of life you are right now.

The scope is the same for all people and includes including all aspects like money, career, community, environment, health, fitness, growth, learning, fun, leisure, family, friends, partners, love and the level of spirituality.

If you are interested in a guided audit with a specialist and get a detailed report with recommendations for optimising the company, which will lead to a boost in profits and efficiency, or enable to develop a new strategy of your life, we invite you to:

  • BOOK a personal consultancy and get a customized audit strategy.
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