Talent Audit

Questions raised by professionals – easy answer by yourself.

Talent Preference Audit

– the purpose is to help individuals gain self-awareness and understand their natural talents. It can assist individuals in making informed decisions that align with their natural abilities and preferences, leading to greater satisfaction and success in their chosen endeavors.

What it is for?

✔ Identifying strengths and talents,

✔ Assessing preferences,

✔ Evaluating interests,

✔ Reflecting on past experiences,

✔ Self-assessment tools,

✔ Career exploration.


Talent assessment and audit.
9 analysis sectors, over 200 proven quality questions.

Our audit platform gives you the best experience of using audit forms. Meantime, you can also enjoy the Google Sheets format. Click the link and immediately start. You’ll get results online, as well you’ll be asked for an e-mail and get link to return to report. Enjoy!

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How to make this audit?

Are you feeling the unbearable weight of massive talent but not sure what your hidden talents are? Take our free talent test and discover your true potential!

Our personality assessment is based on the Big Five and Myers-Briggs Type indicators to determine the best employer branding and long-term talent acquisition strategy.

Plus, who knows, you may have some Nick Cage or Pedro Pascal level skills waiting to be uncovered. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unlock your talents and take control of your career!

You do the audit by yourself and it is completely for free. Just click on the download button, open the file, make your own copy and you can start.

So easy it is.

Questions used in audit.

My name is Laco Vencel, since 2013 I am the founder and led companies for management consulting. This includes managing strategy and execution, public relations, finance, policies, governance, development, and setup of controlling mechanisms above the overall company operations.

Before opening my own business I did project management and executive management jobs in big-size international companies, managing teams and departments of 100+ employees in more than 10 countries.

A significant part of the audit questionnaires I have collected by myself from many corporate audits I have passed before, from my colleagues in the past, and from assessing other companies that bought our custom audit services.

The practice shows that the best option is to have described processes for almost everything, then regularly review adherence by raising the same questions in a defined period of time. This enables the management of process quality and applies improvement changes in cycles.

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Our crisis is the crisis of consciousness. Our impossibility to feel our core nature and see this nature in every one of us and in all things around us. MyAudit.org help you to find this feelings again.


Completely free.

Answer questions by rate from 0-10, be fair to yourself. Think about strengths and weaknesses and based on the results create action plan to fix problems important for you.

Unlocking Potential with the “Talent Preference Audit”

In the realm of personal and professional growth, understanding one’s innate talents and abilities can be a game-changer. Introducing the groundbreaking “Talent Preference Audit,” a transformative tool designed to empower individuals by shedding light on their natural talents and preferences. This audit opens doors to enhanced self-awareness, aiding individuals in making informed decisions that align with their strengths, thus enhancing their satisfaction and success in various endeavors.

The Essence of Self-Awareness: The ‘Talent Preference Audit’

At the core of individual progress lies the power of self-awareness. The “Talent Preference Audit” serves as a beacon, illuminating the path to recognizing and appreciating one’s natural talents and capabilities. By gaining insights into these inherent attributes, individuals can make decisions that harness their potential, ultimately leading to fulfillment and achievement.

Strategic Decision-Making

In a world filled with opportunities and choices, making the right decisions is pivotal. The “Talent Preference Audit” empowers individuals with the knowledge to make informed decisions that resonate with their unique abilities. Whether it’s choosing a career path, embarking on a new venture, or pursuing personal goals, the audit’s insights enable individuals to align their choices with their talents.

Navigating the Landscape of Talent Acquisition

Just as organizations seek the best candidates to fill positions, individuals are on a constant quest to understand their ideal roles. The audit’s insights can be likened to a talent acquisition process for personal growth, assisting individuals in discovering their skill sets and aligning them with their desired paths. This journey mirrors the recruiting process, where individuals become the hiring managers seeking the right fit for their aspirations.

Cultivating Success Through Self-Understanding

Much like organizations prioritize cultural fit, individuals must consider their own compatibility with their chosen endeavors. The audit not only highlights individual skill sets but also factors in preferences and values, leading to decisions that align with personal goals and company culture. By understanding the essence of a talent acquisition specialist for one’s own growth, individuals pave the way for lasting success.

From Potential to Reality

Potential candidates in the world of professional growth are not limited to corporate settings. Each individual is a potential candidate for self-realization and achievement. The audit is the gateway to unlocking this potential, guiding individuals toward recognizing their unique attributes and navigating the path that leads from potential to reality.

Conclusion: Your Journey, Your Talents

The “Talent Preference Audit” serves as a compass in the journey of self-discovery and achievement. By harnessing its insights, individuals embark on a quest to not only understand their talents but also align them with their aspirations. Just as organizations recognize the importance of talent acquisition specialists, individuals have the opportunity to become their own specialists, making decisions that lead to personal and professional fulfillment. Don’t miss the chance to embark on this transformative journey – unleash your potential with the “Talent Preference Audit” today.

What does the audit form gives to me? Keep in mind that the purpose of this free personality test is not to provide you with a detailed answer to every problem, but rather to give you direction on areas you can focus on in your own development. Take your time, be honest with your answers, and let our talent preference audit help you discover your unique personality type and reach your full potential

Will you take action and fix found issues by yourself, or you will need consultancy with us, depends on you.

Questions examples:




I have the ability to learn non-native languages.
I have the ability to correctly write words, including their letters, order, and spelling rules.
I have an understanding of astrological divination as a way to understand people and predict future events through knowledge of celestial objects.
Are you enjoy experimenting with flavors and have an interest in the science behind fermentation?
I am able to turn a piece of leather into a variety of functional and beautiful products such as bags, purses, belts and even clothing.
I enjoy learning about and participating in the wine making process.
I enjoy tracking, stalking, or killing wild animals for food, sport, or to control their populations.
I like wrestling (a sport in which unarmed people try to subdue or throw each other off-balance)
Driving is one of my favorite activities
I am able to write the instructions in a programming language that a computer can understand and execute.
I have skills in computer programming and having the coding know-how to overcome technical problems and obstacles.
I enjoy playing of video or electronic games.
I approach problem solving creatively and generate a large number of ideas in a short period of time.
I am an entrepreneurial person is always looking for ways to make money.
I am a talented leader, I am able to motivate people, and I can identify other people’s talents and help them to achieve their own personal goals.
I am a person who is good at caring for others would make a good nurse, teacher, or parent
I am naturally good at communication while others tend to make too many assumptions.
I have the skills of resolving conflicts or disagreements between two or more parties
How much do like to spend time and care of home pets like casts, dogs or smaller pets?
I always try to find a new purpose or use for existing items.
I enjoy the practice of growing crops on a large scale.
I can find information on a topic using things like the internet, phone calls, and the library.
How good are you in steeling something?
I am able to read other peoples’ lips when the words can’t physically be heard.
I can use scientific knowledge and advanced technology to analyze atmospheric conditions and make forecasts about future weather patterns.
I am able to remember things exactly as they happened (also called eidetic memory).
I have the ability of the astral body (spirit form) being able to travel outside of the body to the astral plane.

Long story short

Every organization, from time to time needs to review its business processes to ensure compliance with the owner’s needs, business efficiency, and risks that enable to identify and address issues in all areas of the company operations.

The scope is the same for all companies and includes processes in areas of executive, projects, change management, research, development, product, marketing, sales, customers, legal, human resources, information technology, assets, accounting, finance, risk, and security.

If you are interested in a guided audit with a specialist and get a detailed report with recommendations for optimizing the company, which will lead to a boost in profits and efficiency, or enable to develop a new strategy for your business, we invite you to:

  • BOOK a personal consultancy and get a customized audit strategy.
  • BROWSE all audits and get an overview of business or personality.
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